Stoney Hedgerow Farm Tour

Stoney Hedgerow Farm
8783 Reeves Rd., Camden, OH

Sunday, July 26, 2015  3-5 p.m.

OEFFA’s MOON Chapter invites you to take a tour of Stoney Hedgerow Farm, the family farm of Craig and Sharon Harkrider. Craig is a trained agronomist and educator with more than 30 years experience in sustainable gardening and farming.

Visit the high tunnels, admire the ripening raspberries, say hello to the horses, see the curing garlic, but watch out for the aggressive zucchini plants! There will be refreshments.

This free program is co-sponsored by MOON Co-op Market.

Contact:  (513) 478-1761 /

The 8th Annual ‘Let’s Get Growing” Workshop: GOOD BUGS and BAD BUGS in the Organic Garden

April 5th from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the LCNB Community Room, Upstairs at 30 Park Place West in Oxford.

  • Presented by Jim Jasinski of the OSU Extension Integrated Pest Management Program.
  • Learn how to identify both beneficial and pest insects in the garden.
  • Learn ways to encourage the beneficial insects and control the pests.
  • Refreshments will be available.

This Free Program is co-sponsored by the MOON Chapter of OEFFA and the MOON Co-op Market. For more information call Harv Roehling at 513-478-1761 or Nani Ball at 513-523-2360.


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